The most distinctive and accessible Sudoku book for children.


Sudoku Puzzles for Gritty Kids contains 300 Sudoku puzzles of varying sizes and difficulties and is the perfect book to learn and explore this logic-based number placement game.


  • The overall puzzle structure is most suitable for beginner Sudoku players ages 5+.
  • LOTS of puzzles: 300 numbered Sudoku puzzles.
  • LOTS of variety: 120 4x4, 120 6x6, and 60 9x9 puzzles.
  • Puzzles grow in difficulty, inspiring players through early success, and motivating continued engagement.
  • Five marked degrees of difficulty allow for an appropriately focused desired challenge level.
  • A clean and uncluttered design with large print puzzles allows room for notes.
  • Uniquely fun hand-drawn grids provide a distinctive Sudoku experience.
  • A detailed introduction is provided to help new players understand the game.
  • An easy to follow step-by-step example reinforces the rules and concepts whilehelping to shape solving techniques.
  • Includes solutions for all puzzles and a certificate of accomplishment.

Educational fun.
Playful fun.
Developmental fun.
Engaging fun.
Hard fun.
Motivating fun.
Enduring fun.
Fun fun.


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